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Working From Home – our new reality.

By jaclyns | Mar 15, 2020

Working from home – our new reality.  As concerns over Coronavirus rise and we try to balance health and economic priorities many people will need to consider alternative working arrangements – and Working From Home will become the obvious choice.  Working from home is something that I’ve done for many years and is certainly my…

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Why You Should Replace Your ‘To-Do’ List with a “Don’t-Do’List

By jaclyns | Dec 5, 2018

We’ve all heard about the importance of creating To-Do lists – they keep us focused, give us something to work towards and it’s motivational when we see things being ticked off the list. And that’s great when it works – for some people To-Do lists are invaluable. But for others their lists just seem to…

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Remote Working. The essentials for a loyal, productive and happy remote team.

By jaclyns | Oct 6, 2017

The debate on remote working has been going on for many years.  Some love it, some loath it, and many others just don’t understand it. A recent survey by the CIPD showed that 58% of people believed that working away from the office would help them become more motivated, and 53% felt they would be…

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Life after education. An exciting, scary or confusing new chapter in your life?

By jaclyns | Jul 5, 2017

After a hectic week I’ve had a lovely morning sitting in the garden, drinking coffee and reflecting on the last few weeks.  There definitely seems to have been a theme to many of the conversations I’ve had, and many of the pictures I’ve seen recently – The School Prom.  Its such a massive event in…

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By jaclyns | Jun 7, 2017

This week I received some lovely feedback from one of my clients saying how invaluable her time with me had been – and that as a result of it she’d decided not to change.  ‘Odd’ you might think – but you’d be surprised at how often I hear people say similar things. It always makes…

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Where Will Being Bold For Change Take You?

By jaclyns | Mar 17, 2017

I must confess to being one of life’s reflectors – I like to take time to ponder on things, to savour the moment, to let the things that really resonate with me float to the surface of my mind. And then I jump straight in and feel ready to face the world! So, in true…

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