working 1:1 with you, to unleash your potential in life or at work

In our lives there are many moments that define the path that we will take - times that will determine the course of our lives.  But how we react to these times will depend on many things - your past experiences; your confidence and self-belief; other priorities that are pulling on your time .......  the lit is endless.

Here at Iluminet we can help you make sense of these moments and embrace them - and perhaps even seek them out!!

How would it be if you could ........

  • have a clear idea of your goal in life - and be ready to achieve it?;
  • increase your self confidence and get rid of those limiting beliefs that are holding you back?;
  • feel confident in your ability to communicate with others that brings the results you want and deserve?;
  • no longer feel 'stuck' in your present situation?

I'm an experienced coach who can help you achieve all the above and more.


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Your Free 'Flying Start' session will last approx 30 minutes and allows us to get to know each other.  It will help me to understand what you want to achieve and whats important to you -  and will enable you to ask me any questions about how I work.


This phase is all about us getting to know each other better.  It will help you clearly understand your goals and what is stoping you achieving them.  It will also help you understand better how we can work together to help you Be the best version of you.


Finally, we will work together to help you achieve your goals.  We will have regular 1:2:1 sessions and there will be tasks for you to complete on your own.  I will challenge and support you to make sure that you reach your desired destination.

Get in touch for more information and to book your 'Let's Chat' session.