Where Will Being Bold For Change Take You?

I must confess to being one of life’s reflectors – I like to take time to ponder on things, to savour the moment, to let the things that really resonate with me float to the surface of my mind. And then I jump straight in and feel ready to face the world!

So, in true reflector style I have spent the last few hours drinking latte and pondering on the past few weeks – and what a truly inspirational time its been. I particularly enjoyed International Moments Day – and this years message ‘Be Bold For Change’. Its a message that reflects so closely to what I believe and what I hope to inspire my clients to be. So often people worry about change – but how boring would life be if every day, every month, every year was exactly the same? Its only through change that we can experience new and exciting things – and if things don’t work out as you’d hoped, there’s nothing to stop you changing again – you’ve just got to be bold enough to do it.

Change can come in different ways – sometimes its thrust upon us, but often its something we choose. But either way taking a step into the unknown can be a bit daunting – whats key is that we put ourselves at the centre of that change and take control. Take the time to really understand what you want from your new situation – what you want to Be. Then, take a deep breath and go for it. So often I see people spending so much time thinking about and planning the changes that they want to make that they forget to actually do it!! Or the opportunity passes and they are left wondering “what if?”.

Of course when change is trust upon us we may feel that we have lost control and have no choices. But its what you do in any situation that will really define the outcome for you. Let me give you a example – a few years ago I was made redundant from a job Id had for 16 years – I had absolutely no choice, the job was no longer there. but I did have a choice about what happened next. I could have played it safe and applied for other jobs within the company but I decided to be Bold and leave. And Ive not regretted it for one second. Its given me the opportunity to spend loads of time with my daughter while she’s still young enough to need me; I got another dog (not sure if that was bold or stupid!!); Im much fitter (which could be the result of having 2 very active dogs) – and of course I set up my business Iluminet which I love.

We all have it within us to be Bold For Change – if you don’t believe me just look at young children. They boldly take on new experiences every day – they learn to walk, start school, make new friends, try new activities ….. and so the list goes on. Life is full of change.

Changes can be in your business or your personal life.  They can be big or small, it doesn’t really matter – what does matter is how you approach them. Do you worry about leaving the past behind? Or do you get excited about the great opportunities that change may bring? Its the willingness and ability to change that has made you the person you are today – and if you are bold enough to continue to embrace change it will help you to ensure your outer reality catches up with your inner dreams.

So my challenge to you is this – each week be bold enough to make one change in your life, do one thing that is outside your comfort zone. You might want to take a huge leap, or you may just want to dip a toe outside your comfort zone. Either way is fine. But once you do it give yourself a chance to savour the new experience, to reflect on what its allowed you to Be. Then, give yourself a massive pat on the back and decide whats next. Where will Being Bold for Change take you?